Finnish Colorectal Cancer Association

Information about colorectal cancer, support for patients and their loved ones

Colorectal cancer is the second most common cancer for both men and women.

In the early 1950’s only a fifth of patients suffering from colorectal cancer survived. Thanks to diagnostics and modern treatments, today over 60 percent of all patients can be cured.


Common symptoms of colorectal cancer include various abdominal disorders such as abdominal pain, constipation, variable diarrhea and difficulty defecating. The patient may also have a need to defecate, mucus and scanty stools, or abdominal swelling and cramping.

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Our peer support is intended for patients with colorectal cancer and their loved ones, and is always open and free to everyone. The aim is to provide support for patients with colorectal cancer and their loved ones at all stages of their illness and to create safe spaces for sharing experiences.

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Tiina Kosti Colores -Suomen Suolistosyöpäyhdistys ry:n toiminnanjohtajaksi
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Muistellaan yhdessä 30.9. klo 20.00-23.00    Syksyn hämärän saapuessa sytytämme yhdessä kynttilän suolistosyöpäpotilaiden kunniaksi ja vietämme hetken muistellen heitä, joita suolistosyöpä on koskettanut.   Tapahtuma...
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